FAQ – Washable cotton makeup remover

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What is the composition of my washable make-up remover cotton?

Clean Sponges are made of microfibers that remove makeup and deep cleanse the pores of your skin without any chemicals. It is a non-allergenic and odourless product.

Should I use soap or any other product with my Clean Sponge?

No, this product is designed to be used only with warm or hot water. Gentle application is required.

How many times can I reuse my Makeup Remover Cotton?

You can reuse this product more than 200 times for at least 2 years.

How do I clean my reusable makeup remover disk?

After each use, clean your cotton disc with lukewarm water and let it dry.

Does my Clean Sponge work effectively for heavy makeup users?

Cotton Makeup Remover is designed to work for all types of makeup users, including those who apply large amounts, but you must choose the right color based on the amount of makeup you apply.
The black makeup remover pads are designed for users who apply a lot of makeup, the beige, coffee and pink washable makeup remover pads are suitable for daily and medium makeup, and the white makeup remover pads are for light makeup only.

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