In recent years, the world of cosmetics has been marked by many changes. It must be acknowledged that makeup has undergone real changes in recent times. Who says makeup, says foundation.

To make your makeup look as beautiful as possible, it is important to know how to use the “foundation brush”.

Foundation Brush Makeup

The time when we simply used traditional brushes is over for some. These accessories, like the others, are also available in a wide variety of forms.

Today’s brushes are a little more whimsical. Among them is the “foundation brush”.

This guide will help you learn more about the foundation brush and how to use it to make yourself beautiful every day.

Summary of the article :

  1. A foundation brush, what is it?
  2. Why use a make-up brush?
  3. How do I use a foundation brush?
  4. What are the types of foundation brushes?

What is a foundation brush?

No need to be a specialist to know that complete make-up starts with foundation. Each make-up accessory has its own use to sublimate your face. You still need to use the right foundation, adapted to your skin type and, of course, the right brush to apply it properly.

There are many makeup brushes, but the foundation brush is one of the fashionable accessories that is proving to be a very effective tool that allows women to adopt a new way of applying makeup. Oval in shape, the makeup brush has bristles arranged perpendicular to its handle.

It is thus a multi-purpose make-up face brush with synthetic bristles that can be used to apply and blend powders, foundations, blushes and concealer. And it is also possible to apply liquid cosmetics using a liquid foundation brush.

Why use a makeup brush?

By using a foundation brush, you avoid wasting your time on make-up, and you will obtain a truly optimal result since you will have a perfectly clean, unified and streak-free complexion. This solution also ensures optimal comfort, allowing better application of foundation.

It is easier to treat imperfections in all areas of the face and to blur the contouring thanks to its imposing size. You will notice that the complexion becomes much more natural when you apply makeup.

With its very soft synthetic bristles, the foundation brush can be used for all skin types, including the most sensitive. The professional make-up brush is popular with experts and is highly appreciated by many women. As proof, many influencers such as youtubers and bloggers have talked about it with interest.

According to some, the foundation brush is more adapted to the complexion. On the other hand, its use is more complicated when it comes to applying eye shadow or eyeliner.

How do I use a foundation brush?

As mentioned above, the foundation applicator brush is very versatile. It is available in several sizes. The largest are for foundation, the mediums are for blush and lips, and the thinnest are for liner and eyebrows. There are even ambivalent models that can be used for both eyes and complexion.

Indeed, a foundation brush can be used in different ways. But to use it well, it is still necessary to know how to choose the most adapted one based on your morphology and the contours of your face, but also according to your needs.


The bristles of a foundation brush are arranged perpendicular to its handle. To use it, nothing could be simpler: after applying foundation, concealer or liquid blushes to your face, you must then gently massage it in circular motions with the makeup brush.

Put small amounts on the makeup brush and spread it well.

To clean the makeup brush, simply soak its bristles in soap and water and rinse it off to remove any traces of foundation or concealer.

Please note:
The foundation brush comes in an intermediate size designed for blushers. However, it is recommended to use it to apply nude colors. If you use it with a dark color, you will get a rather poor result.

The mini size of the oval makeup brush has been created to achieve a beautiful smoky line flush with the lashes with a dark blush. It also allows you to blend the lip liner pencil to get a perfect lip contour. You can also use this make-up brush on the eyebrows, apply a blush to obtain a pretty line.

What are the types of foundation brushes?

Makeup brushes come in many forms, but they all fall into two main families, namely :

The Palm Brush :

Used for the complexion, this brush to spread foundation is characterized by the absence of handle. Very convenient, this facial makeup brush was designed to facilitate the application and blending of liquid cosmetics on the face, such as foundations, blushes, …

The make-up brushes with handles :
This type of make-up brush is used for the complexion but also for the eyes. The shape and the size of these brushes are according to their use. You can have an oval foundation brush with the same characteristics as the Palm brush oval make-up brush but this one has a handle.

Most of them are used for the application of liquid and powder products of all types, offering greater precision. Others are used to perfectly trace the line of eyeliner, to apply lipstick or gloss on the lips….

There’s no shortage of makeup brush sets on the cosmetics market, but it’s up to you to choose the brushes that best suit your needs.

Here’s everything you need to know about foundation brushes.

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